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How comprehensive is car insurance?

The lady on the other end of the phone seemed genuinely confused. After three minutes of spluttering she finally managed to confirm that no, their fully comprehensive policy did not cover zombie attacks, meteor strikes or alien spaceships landing on my car. When I argued that this actually meant their comprehensive cover was not totally comprehensive she was forced to agree but still refused to give me a discount as the possibly of this happening was rather remote! Has she never seen Night of the Living Dead or Independence Day? It's no good being covered for third party, fire, theft and accidental damage if that damage is caused by a non human or a large lump of falling rock. Yes, on a normal day, fully comprehensive cover would cover most incidents, but it's always good to expect the unexpected. Can you imagine, you have survived a full on alien invasion, climb out of the ruins of your home, look around and see an alien spaceship smack bang on your new car!

Not pleased would be a slight understatement! I mean, who is going to pay for that? The first thing you'd do is phone the insurance company for help. Finding out you weren't covered would be a bit of a blow. If a car had crashed into you, you would have been covered so just because that car is from the planet Zog why shouldn't they pay out? Alternatively, if a random stranger damaged your car by ripping the door off and smashing the windows to get to you, the insurance company would have no problems paying for repairs and probably a courtesy car while yours is being repaired. Does it make a difference if that person is technically dead and has a reputation for killing people? Prosecution may be a slight problem but that's why you pay premiums isn't it? I mean, the insurance companies would really get a chance to earn their money in that scenario.

At least if someone decided to emulate Gone in Sixty Seconds, you would be covered. Not a lot of comfort if your brand new car was gone, as long as you'd not left the keys in and the doors open. That's about the only way most people would be able to steal a car in sixty seconds or less. I have enough trouble trying to operate the remote locking system and I own it!

Oh well, on to the next company. Maybe their policy will cover more of the things I really need. There must be some company willing to protect me against the zombie and alien damage at a reasonable price? The only way to find out: I'll compare quotes now.

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